I moved to Chile almost exactly three years ago, first to Concepcíon. A year and a half later I moved up to Santiago, and have spent the past year and a half there. But my three year postdoctoral position is coming to an end. I am moving to Florida to start a new postdoctoral position and have just begun that move.

Living in Chile was an awesome experience. If you had told me five years ago if I would be living in South America, I probably would not have believed it. What an adventure. I made lots of great friends and got to experience incredible sights, challenging ideas, and delicious food/drink with them.

While this post will essentially bring this blog to a close, I have just shy of twenty trips and experiences left to finish writing up. So while there will not be new Chilean adventures (at least not in the near-term), I will be working on finishing up those posts (some long neglected). They will be back-dated to the approximate time of their occurance, so the best way to be informed of those updates will be to subscribe to the RSS feed.